Training Opportunities

Updated 4/16/2016

CPR, 1st Aid, Med Administration, and TI Classes


Due to the nature of our client's special needs, Access requires all direct care employees to be certified in CPR, 1st Aid, Med Administration. These classes are taught by qualified Access employees. Please contact your supervisor or a member of the HR Department if you have questions on class times and requirements. It is the responsibility of the employee to sign up for these classes. Sign up sheets are located on the bulletin boards in the Human Resource Department at the Access office. The agency pays related course fees. Employees are responsible for providing copies of their current CPR/1st Aid certificates to the HR Department upon completing a class.


New employees are given assistance in signing up for these classes. Current employees are responsible for keeping their certification current. It is the employee's responsibility to attend a scheduled training event that they have registered for. If an employee has registered to attend one of these scheduled training events and is unable to attend, we ask that the employee give appropriate notice to Access.

CPR and First Aid

These required classes are taught by a certified Red Cross Instructor at Access. It is a two year certification. The agency pays the class fee and the employees shall receive a regular wage for attending the class (upon certification). Sign-up sheets are located at the Access office, on the bulletin boards in the Human Resource Department. You must give Access a 48-hour notice if you are unable to attend a class you've registered for. (Employees who fail to cancel out of a class with the appropriate notice can be assessed the class fee).

First Aid and CPR Renewals

For current employees needing to renew either their First Aid or CPR certification, sign-up sheets are located at the Access office, on the bulletin boards in the Human Resource Department. Note that these classes are typically only held once a month, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions, contact Krista in the HR Department.

Medication Administration Class

We have a medication administration course and test all employees must pass in order to work at our sites.  Additional diabetic training is also offered by the RN for employees working with clients with diabetes.

Star Services Training

 New employees are required to complete 245D compliant training before working with a client.  These courses must also be recompleted annually by staff.

PCA Online Training

This course is a requirement of the MN Department of Human Services. It is completed the day of new employee orientation at the Access office. It consists of 9 modules that are reviewed and tested on.