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Targeted Case Manager

This position is responsible for coordination of services for children with Severe Emotional-Behavioral Disorders (SED) who qualify for Case Management services as stipulated under the Minnesota Department of Human Services in conjunction with Clay County Social Services.  

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.S.) In a human services field (examples: social work, psychology, sociology, special education, child development, and family science) from a regionally accredited university is required. One year of experience in the mental health field is preferred.  Employment is contingent upon providing agency evidence of degree in related area as well as clear background checks.

Job Responsibilities


  • Participate in yearly performance reviews with the TCM Supervisor
  • Will be responsible for complying with all agency policies regarding EEO/AA and HIPAA

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Will coordinate and integrate the delivery of children’s mental health services on behalf of the child and child’s family
  • Will be responsible for accurate and timely response to information requests from outside agencies or individuals as appropriate
  • Will be responsible for attendance and participation in staff meetings
  • Will be responsible for regularly reporting to the TCM Supervisor as to the current status of each client
  • Will complete all mandated paperwork as outlined in Targeted Case Manager responsibilities in a timely manner and as prescribed by Access policy (i.e.: complete a functional assessment and subsequent treatment plans)
  • Will be responsible for timely and accurate database and billing documentation
  • Other duties as assigned

Program Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for positive interactions with clients, guardians, client families, representatives from other agencies, and other persons with whom clients interact
  • Will be responsible for admission, orientation, and assessment of new clients
  • Will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) including, but not limited to: goal/objective writing, observation of program implementation, and ensuring proper documentation
  • Will be responsible for conducting and coordinating client reviews, team meetings, as is necessary or determined by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)
  • Will be responsible for the timely completion and distribution of client reports to IDT members
  • Will be responsible for the preparation of client transfer and discharge summaries
  • Will be responsible for the effective implementation of behavioral programming
  • Will be responsible for directly implementing the methodology of the clients behavior plan
  • Will communicate with the TCM Supervisor and other staff on the programming methods, adaptations, and suggest changes (if warranted) in a timely fashion
  • Will accurately document client performance on behavioral programs and report the results of the programming to the TCM Supervisor
  • Will understand client funding sources, as directed by the TCM Supervisor
  • Will be responsible for promoting/presenting agency functions and or services as directed by the TCM Supervisor
  • Will be responsible for properly acting upon, documenting, and distributing Incident Reports
  • Will be responsible for implementing Targeted Case Management services as required by the state of Minnesota
  • Other duties, as assigned

Medical & Health Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for the coordination of referrals to consultants
  • Other duties, as assigned

On-Call Responsibilities

  • Will be responsible for performing On-Call services when assigned


  • Supports and participates in common teamwork; cooperates and works together with supervisors and co-workers
  • Uses tactful, appropriate, and professional communication
  • Follows up with supervisor as appropriate regarding concerns and complaints
  • Promotes positive relations among agency employees
  • Maintains confidentiality relating to all agency related data and matters
  • Shall be capable of relating to individuals at various levels; as unique situations present themselves, the incumbent must be sensitive to agency needs, employee goodwill, and public image

Training Requirements

  • Shall annually complete the required hours of training

Job Physical Description

The Case Manager may be required to meet the following required physical demands of this position:  

  • Some work environment conditions are indoor office work. This position is required to sit at a desk and write or use a computer and speak on telephone. The setting is normal office sounds (i.e.: phones ringing, printers, conversations, and intercom) with varying indoor climates. 
  • The position also includes off-site client environments that vary from indoor to outdoor conditions depending on client needs and seasonal weather. Some sites are very quiet, and others are very loud. Shall meet the following required physical demands of this position: stand, walk, run, climb stairs, sit, use hands and fingers, kneel, crouch, occasional lifting, physically restrain (when directed by supervisor), talk and hear, taste, and smell. Close and distant vision is required.
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