Training Opportunities

CPR and 1st Aid Classes

Due to the nature of our clients’ needs, Access requires all Direct Care employees to be certified in CPR and 1st Aid. These classes are taught by a certified Red Cross Instructor at Access. Access pays the class fee, and employees shall receive a regular wage for attending the class.

Employees are responsible for keeping their certifications current. Certifications are valid for two years. If you complete your CPR and/or 1st Aid certification at a different location, you are responsible for providing copies of the certificates to the HR department within 60 days of hire or before the expiration date of the certificates currently on file.

Please contact your supervisor or a member of the HR department if you have questions on class times and requirements.

Medication Administration Course

Our Medication Administration Course must be passed in order to work at our sites. Additional training is offered by the RN for employees working with diabetic clients.

STAR Services Training

New employees are required to completed 245D compliant training before working with clients. Current employees must complete training annually.